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• Programmable hoist with PLC control and multi program functionality.
• Originally for sulphuric or chromic anodizing.
• Fully motorized, enclosed programmable transporter
• Spreader unit opens up work bars over the Anodizing Tank only.

Heavy Duty rectangular box section track will be supported from the floor mounted on hollow box columns with hollow section cross bracing. The structure will be bolted section and when painted and levelled will be fixed to the floor.

• Clear PVC safety guards along both sides of line, with guards interlocked so transporter will    stop if interlock is broken.
• Dual fail-safe ‘emergency stop’ pull cord system along both sides of line
• 8 Single row flight bars of 2.5” x 1” solid Aluminum clad with Copper, with Copper contacts    and transporter pick-up horns.
• Steel catwalk runs full length of line
• Basic tank size is 79” x 35” x 68” deep
• 2 moveable mild steel, painted carts fitted with castors
• Off-line Mixing Facility For Chromic Acid Anodize tank with Air Diaphragm Pump to transfer    solution to the Chromic Acid Anodize Tank. 1 Set Pipework and fittings for solution transfer.
• (1) 50 Volt 1000amp air cooled rectifier with remote control
• Exhaust fan and horizontal, chrome scrubber/demister scrubber unit

Baker Technology Associates Used Plating Equipment