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This system was originally built to neutralize concentrated waste hydrochloric and nitric acids as well as concentrated waste potassium hydroxide (alkaline). The system functions by the application of 3 pump lift staions located line side which transfer waste to the system hold tanks.
Wastes transferred to the hold tanks are then fed to the reaction tanks by transfer pumps and associated level controls. pH monitoring probes located within the reaction tanks control acid and caustic metering pumps in order to neutralize the waste contained therein, once neutralization occurs in the initial reaction tank, waste is transferred to the secondary reaction tank where precipitation and flocculation occur. Waste whose flocculation has begun flows to the plate clarifier where phase separation occurs as the solids settle to the bottom of the clarifier with treated effluent flowing out of the top. Treated effluent flows from the clarifier into the pre-discharge filtration tank where any suspended solids are removed prior to discharge. This system is capable of heavy metal removal as well as pH neutralization but needs a filter press (3-5 cubic foot size) in either case. With slight modification, this system would also be capable of chrome reduction in conjunction with neutralization and heavy metal removal.

With the exception of a filter press, this is a complete system; built by Wastetech in 2011, like new condition, factory tested and installed, tested on site and then never used. The plate clarifier that accompanies the system is used and is missing the settling plates. This system was professionally decommissioned by Clean Harbors and certified that no hazardous materials remain.

The treatment system consists of the following major equipment:

  • Three (3) pump lift stations with pump inlet strainer divisions; lift station tanks are ¾” thick rectangular polyethylene tanks within rectangular polyethylene containment. Each lift station is equipped with two (2) 1 H.P.
    Penguin immersion pumps (pumps alternate each time they are cycled) and high/low feed and emergency shut off/overflow protection sensors.
  • Two (2) waste acid hold tanks each with 500 gallon capacity and are molded cylindrical polyethylene (PE) tank with secondary containment. Each hold tank is equipped with one (1) transfer pump (P-1), one (1) level transmitter (LT-T1) and one (1) leak detection switch (LD-T1).
  • One (1) 1000-gallon waste alkaline hold tank that is a molded cylindrical polyethylene (PE) tank with secondary containment. The hold tank is equipped with one (1) transfer pump, one (1) level transmitter and one (1) leak detection switch.
  • Two (2) Reaction tanks. Each reaction tank has a capacity of 1,000 gallons and are molded cylindrical polyethylene (PE) tank inside a containment tank. Each reaction tank is equipped with one (1) mixer and one (1) pH sensor.
  • One (1) plate clarifier rated for 150 GPM – (this clarifier is missing it’s settling plates).
  • One (1) 500 gallon capacity post clarifier, pre-discharge filtration tank with inlet filter manifold having a total of four (4) replaceable 10 micron bag filters on the clarifier inlet and one on the discharge pump outlet. Tank includes submersible discharge pump.
  • One (1) system high-high level switch (LSHH-T4)
  • Two (2) caustic metering pumps (CP-1, CP-2)
  • Two (2) acid metering pumps (AP-1, AP-2)
  • One (1) discharge flow transmitter (FE/FT-T5)
  • Two (2) discharge pH sensors (AE-T5.2, AE-T5.3)
  • One (1) Re-circulation Pump
  • Two (2) actuated butterfly valves
Baker Technology Associates Used Plating Equipment