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STS Industries Anodizing Line with double flight bars, single transporter. Currently arranged for Sulphuric Acid - Hardcoat Anodizing. Manufactured in 2004.

Work Envelope: 100” x 24” x 48” deep
18 Process steps
• Overall Dimensions: (18'-6” x 61’ x 15’-6”)
Approx 60+ feet of heavy duty type 304 stainless steel structure
7 tanks (comprising a total of 18 x stations) Premium quality construction
• Walkway, heavy duty base frame raised off floor for maintenance and cleaning
Twin loading/unloading stations with wheeled trolleys, plus a single flight bar holding bay
Fully automatic multi-speed hoist with laser positioning and Siemens PLC S7 control
• Single operator process control with VK Vision software
Two station electric drying oven, 304 heavy duty Stainless steel construction, insulated, free standing &    self contained. Allows for (2) double flight bars drying at the same time
• Five (5) heavy duty Polypropylene tanks, providing process stages No: 6 to 14 = 9 treatment stages,    including heating, level control, counterflow rinse, pump circulation
• Walkway, heavy duty base frame raised off floor for maintenance and cleaning
Colasit centrifugal polypropylene fan
Helmet Breuer horizontal eliminator
• Central exhaust duct manifold approx. 63 feet long plus 11 lip exhaust hoods
Four (4) DC Rectifiers° continuously rated @1000 amp 0-75 volt DC each, 
Heavy duty "filtered" forced    air cooled, thyristor controlled
Twelve (12) double flight bars
• Forty-five (45) titanium frame jigs including 6 x jig loading semi auto carousels
Cooling/refrigeration plants able to deliver anodizing solution, operating temperature -7°c (20F), 750    gallon sulphuric solution per station
Two (2) outdoor heavy duty chillers-Thereco air cooled chiller 175 - 250kW capacity each
Circuation pump

Electrolytic Anodizing Tanks
Two (2) electrolytic tanks
Four (4) double flight bar stations or a total of (8) single flight bar stations in the anodizing tanks. 6    cathode/anode rails
• Fully Insulated heating coils, valves, pumps. Heavy duty DC electrolytic connection
• Each double anodizing station has its own dedicated refrigeration consisting of: Swep 150kW plate heat    exchanger with 11m² surface area, sulphuric acid on warm side, ethylene chloride (glycol) on cool side

Brief Detail of 18 Process Stages
Stage 1: Load/unload semi auto trolley
Stage 2 : Unload / unload semi auto trolley and titanium frame jigs
Stage 3: Holding stage 1 x double flight bar Width: 1800 mm
Stages 4 & 5: Double electric hot air dryer Width: 2200mm
Stage 6: Rinse Width: 850mm
Stages 7 & 8: Degreasing/cleaning Width: 1770mm
Stages 9, 10 & 11: Triple counter flow rinse, #11 with spray. Width: 2350 mm
Stages 12, 13 & 14: Triple counter flow rinse, #12 with spray. Width: 2350 mm
Stages 15 & 16: 4000 litre, 2-station, (anodizing) Width: 1900mm
Stages 17 & 18: 4000 litre, 2-station, (anodizing) Width: 1900mm

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