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  • Microprocessor-based controls for accuracy and repeatability
  • MicroStar DC Series soft-touch keypad and digital displays
  • Selectable current, voltage or cross-over regulation modes
  • Output voltage and current tolerance limit setting with alarms
  • Ampere time and real time cycle control via front panel
  • Resettable ampere time totalizer with password protection
  • Selectable ampere time and real time counter resolutions
  • Audible alarms for end-of-cycle and out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Save/Recall/Delete settings feature (up to 10 saved setups)
  • Front panel calibration control
  • Built in fault detection for over-temperature and AC power failure conditions
  • Minimum suggested setting:  5% of maximum rating of power supply
  • Ripple: <1% RMS of maximum rated output voltage
  • RS485 Serial control standard on all models
  • Windows-based control program
  • Forced air cooling. Airflow from front to rear through sealed heat sink tunnel
  • Environmentally sealed to protect power supply from harsh environments
  • Powder coated aluminum enclosure  7" x 17" 22"  (HWD)


  • Recipe control  - links up to 8 of your saved setups into a recipe.
    Includes setup looping capabilities
  • Output ramp timer - ramps output up to a desired set point over a
    user-selected time period
  • Auxiliary ampere time totalizer with relay output.
    Great for chem-add systems!
  • Analog Interface for PLC control (4-20 mA, 0-5 volt or 0-10 volt signals)
  • Remote MicroStar Interface with 10' of cable
  • Rack mount flanges

Baker Technology Associates Used Plating Equipment