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Welcome to UsedPlatingEquipment.com, a Unique Website for Quality Pre-owned Plating, Anodizing & Metal Finishing Equipment. Serving Buyers and Sellers Worldwide.

Professional Project Management and Engineering Services are also available. Baker associates have new equipment and/or chemical backgrounds. We can assist you in reconfiguring equipment to best suit your needs.

Unlike other used dealers, our offerings are NOT limited to our U.S. inventory. Our cooperation with RILEY SURFACE WORLD and other NEW equipment partners, allow us to provide the widest range of quality products.

  • Decorative Plating

  • Functional Plating

  • Printed Circuit Board

  • Anodizing

  • Cleaning, Phosphating, Passivating

  • Programmable Rack & Barrel Systems Return-Type (elevator conveyors)

  • Design of Flexible, Multi-Finish Systems and Controls Retrofits a Specialty

Must be Sold by November 1st