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Throughout our course of business we have established relationships with several plating facility and plating line decommissioning service providers, putting us in the unique position to help support your needs during product line changeover, facility closure or equipment cleaning and removal projects.

Our approach to these projects is from an equipment salvage perspective. Rather than demolition, equipment salvage supports beneficial re-use of assets you no longer need thereby creating a fiscal opportunity for all parties involved as well as the ecological benefit of preventing the generation of what is typically hazardous waste. The bottom line is that we can save your company money on project costs as well as costs associated with hazardous waste disposal, taxes and program fees all while reducing your company’s liability and environmental impact through the minimization of wastes generated.

Whether you’re a large quantity hazardous waste generator who needs to perform due diligence in accordance with the closure standards of 40 CFR part 260-265 or a manufacturer or surface finisher who needs to modify or remove one process in order to accommodate a different one, Baker Technology Associates can provide you with a decommissioning plan tailored to your needs. Furthermore, thanks to our business interests in new plating line construction and used equipment sales, we may be able to provide salvage credit to the acquisition of new equipment from the removal of your used assets.

Past project scopes have included cleaning and removal of single lines to the span of decommissioning entire electroplating facilities with multiple automated plating and manual lines with attached waste treatment systems.

We partner only with licensed, fully insured, trained and equipped service providers who have a track record of in budget, on time project completion.