Line Layout

Process Schematic

Scrubber Diagram

This fully automated barrel plating line was designed by Pal and commissioned in 2004 to provide a high volume high quality plate using 24” x 48” barrels, the line was constructed to plate acid zinc with a trivalent chromate and sealer. More photos are available on request.

The line uses a full graphical Scada MX4 programmable operating system with Mitsubishi PlC hardware, with a MCE 925 HMI control panel.

The line was designed with twin legs and two end cross transfer tanks spanning the width to form a compact system to minimize the space required for this large capacity system.

The 48 station line employs 10 zinc plating stations and uses the Drake thyristor fired 2000 Amp 0-8 Volt rectifiers for the plating stations and Drake thyristor fired 2000 Amp 0-12 Volt rectifiers on 2 electro-clean stations ( 12 rectified stations in total).

The general construction of the lines structure is manufactured from carbon Steel with a service walkway alongside both sides of the full length of the plant. The solution tanks themselves are mainly constructed from steel lined with Polypropylene were applicable.

The barrels are loaded in a fully automatic mode in a cellular installation at the front end of the plating line. Once the barrels are loaded the first transporter can then collect the barrel and the automated process will then run through the predefined sequence from start to finish.

Two fully automatic transporters are utilized on each leg to maximize the potential throughput of the plating process. At the end of each leg the barrel is placed on a low level transporter in a full width cross span tank to transfer it to the second leg whereby it is retrieved by the third transporter to continue its journey. At the end of the second leg, the barrel is placed on a low level transporter in the second full width cross span tank to transfer it back to the start position.

Upon completion the barrel is parked at the loading/unloading station whereby the lid is automatically removed and the barrel again rotated to discharge the load into a hopper for transfer out of the cell. The system can be set to process multiple barrels and up to 10 barrels being plated at any one time.

Satellite tanks are also included in the system for the cooling and storage of the acid zinc plating solutions. Solutions on the line are maintained with Siebec double “P” series filter pumps to maintain the solutions in an optimum state for plating.

The plant is further serviced by a fume extraction and abatement plant comprising of horizontal packed fume scrubber and eliminator with a capacity of 22,955 CFM.

This plant has been exceptionally maintained throughout with no expense being spared with the ongoing refurbishment and maintenance plan. In 2015 alone, in excess of $97,802 was spent on the refurbishment of two of the transporters and a quantity of barrels.

The lines original equipment includes the AVD004 the Skako Comessa FVE 980/1500M1SL Vibratory Feed Chute And Barrel loader.

Although currently being used as an Acid zinc line with a single passivation and top coat, with the spare stations it has available (11 spare tanks) extra and alternative processes can be added from Ni zinc, Fe zinc, Colored passivation processes and many others.

  • (2) Parallel tank lines with cross transfer tanks at both ends
  • External Dimensions: 120′ long X 48.5′ wide X 16.4′ high
  • 42 Process stations, 1 load/unload, 5 barrel que stations
  • 24″ x 48″ Barrel size
  • 330 pound max per barrel
  • (4) rail rider type programmable hoists – (2) on each side of line
  • Built in 2003

Ancillary Equipment:

  • Load station with automatic lid closure and lock
  • (17) Linnhoff & Partner 24” x 48” motor on-board barrels, barrels purchased new in 2015
  • (10) Drake 2000 Amp 0-8 Volt Thyristor fired air cooled DC rectifiers for Zinc plating
  • (2) Drake 2000 Amp 0-12 Volt Thyristor fired air cooled DC rectifiers for Elecro-cleaning
  • Siebec double “P” series filters with magnetically coupled vertical pumps for zinc plating
  • DVP TSC Vacuum Technology spa, radial air blowers for tank agitation
  • Various service tanks for cooling and solution makeup of the Acid zinc plating solutions
  • Horizontal packed fume scrubber and eliminator
  • Steimel Automatic, Robotic Polar Centrifugal Drying System